Terms and Conditions

Guest expectations – house rules: A

Before you book Choupahari, please understand you are going to stay at someone’s home and not a hotel. Hope you will have an amazing experience, but respecting the rules of the house and maintaining the decoram is also very important.


  • Be respectful to your host, host family and team Choupahari.
  • Remember Choupahari is not a hotel or a guest house, it is a gold-category home-stay resort.
  • Beware that being at the edge of Choupahari forest involves a few critters in and around.
  • We have a strict check-in (12:30 P.M) and check-out time (11:30) A.M.
  • Our charges for early check-in and late check-out is INR 500 p/hour p/room, but depends on manager’s permission. It may not be available always, especially if we have back-to-back bookings.
  • Please put off your shoes while entering the room and keep your rooms and surroundings clean.
  • No pets allowed inside, we are not pet friendly.
  • Lunch on the arrival day is arranged on prior request through our website and charged on the basis of number of plates, irrespective of adult or children.
  • We normally serve good or delicious traditional Bengali foods.  The guest cannot choose a specific menu or food item; he/she can however make some suggestion to the host directly.
  • We generally do not offer any room service as the food has a long way to travel from our kitchen. Also, being a jungle HOME-STAY resort we are extra cautious while maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in our property. In the case of older adults and people with chronic disabilities of all ages, we have a flexible support system and our charges are 30% extra on food, snacks and cold drinks. Please note : we don’t serve alcohol anywhere in the property.
  • We do not use separate utensils to cook vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
  • Our guests find two bottles of complimentary mineral water on the first day of their arrival in the refrigerator of the rooms. After that one has to pay for it. However, water from water-purifier is free of cost.
  • Smoking not allowed indoors.
  • House-keeping service provided only on request.
  • Children and Kids are our special guests. But we have some valuable collections and water bodies all around. Please keep an eye on them and ensure the safety of both.
  • Don’t mess your room. Keep your bed/bedroom and toilet/bathroom cleaned at all time. Put all your trash to the trash can. Any damages caused by the guest will be charged to his/her account.
  • Please do not use electrical appliances (toaster/iron etc) or cooking facilities, if any, without first checking with us, how they are to be used correctly.
  • When not using the bedroom or going out, always put off the air-conditioning unit, fans and lights.
  • Do not leave your valuables (money, jewelleries, etc.) unattended inside the bedroom. keep it in Godrej-lockers provided to you.
  • Please keep your room secure and lock doors and windows and submit your keys to us before leaving or going outside Choupahari.
  • Parking is free inside our campus. But keep your car in the allotted space guided by our gate-keeper.
  • Bargaining for discounts and special offers will not be entertained after arrival/ check in.


Guest expectations – house rules: B


  • Visitors are not allowed in the rooms. All visitors must have a prior permission from the host.
  • While we encourage you to enjoy yourself, please be mindful of your neighbours and see that you do not disturb them in any manner.
    Loud music or noise in the guest rooms is prohibited as mark of comfort to other guests. Please
    keep quiet after 10pm.
  • Obey curfew rules : Monday to Friday = 10 PM, Saturday to Sunday = 11 PM. If, for some reasons, you may not be able to come here on the curfew time, please inform the manager via phone well ahead of time.
  • Intoxicating liquors or alcoholic beverages and cigarettes/illegal drugs are not allowed to be carried or possessed by the guest inside the house or bedroom.
  • Weapons such as guns, ranger’s/hunting knives or any deadly equipment are not allowed to be possessed or carried by the guest outside or inside the house or inside the bedroom.
  • Subversive materials of any kind are not allowed to be brought inside the house or inside the bedroom.
  • Internet access is free through the host Wi-Fi (wireless connection) but only for access of e-mails or research.
  • Please allow others to use the internet also. Pornographic sites are not allowed to be accessed through the host connection.
  •  On some booking platforms, this place is listed as ‘Entire Home’. Except for our private sleeping quarters of the hosts, and kitchen, all spaces can be used by the guests.
  • Request for bonfire must be made before 3 pm and can only be arranged based on weather conditions and manpower availability.
  • We have many videos and a few DVD’s and a Netflix connection. You are welcome to watch them in our glass house. Glass house is normally open from 5 PM to 9:30 PM everyday. During monsoon, heavy cloud deposit, storm or lightning, the glass house and projector show will remain closed.
  • CDs from outside, memory sticks or portable hard drives and operation of the gadgets by guests are not allowed.
  • Medical/hospitalization bills and medicines if he/she got sick are for the personal expenses of the guest. It is advised that the guest should cover himself/herself with adequate health insurance to cover for whatever sickness or disease and hospitalization that may occur during
    his/her stay.
  • For your safety, always get the host’s permission when you get out from the house to go around.
  • Leave some of your cell numbers with the host in case you get lost or require any assistance.
  • If there is heavy rain, thunderstorm or lightning, we may switch off both electrical and generator connections for everbody’s protection as lightning causes direct and indirect damages sometimes, especially near forests, due to shock waves and overvoltage.
  • Please consider Choupahari as your own home. Do not hesitate to ask if you require anything during your stay with us. We will try our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible with our limitations as a home-stay resort.
  • If anything inside or outside the room doesn’t function, allow us reasonable time to fix it. Despite all our efforts if the repair is not possible, you are requested to bear with us. Bargaining for discounts will not be entertained under any circumstances.
  • We reserve the right to refuse accommodation to anyone after making a booking, or even after arrival, if found incompatible or uncomfortable.
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